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Release Notes


  • Added missing instructions that caused errors on multisite installs.
  • Added privacy ACL to cloud storage uploads. Since the first days of Media Cloud, we've been using the authenticated-read ACL for private cloud storage uploads. There was a historical reason for that and functionally there is no difference between authenticated-read and private ACLs for nearly all cloud storage providers. If you are using Scaleway and have private uploads enabled, make sure you change the privacy settings from Authenticated Read to Private. For other cloud storage providers you do not need to do this, but we suggest you do. You will also need to change the privacy on any existing private uploads by going to the Media Library, switching to list view, filtering on Authenticated Read and then doing a bulk action Change Privacy to Private.
  • Added the ability to specify a custom region. Mostly useful for S3 compatible cloud storage providers, but also useful when Amazon released a new region and their is a lag time for us updating our list.
  • Fixed changing ACL on the attachment edit screen to update the ACL for any generated image sizes.
  • Fix for direct uploading non-image files when using the "Add New" page in WordPress admin.
  • Added a new debugging mode that will generate a CSV log file of URL replacements on a given page. Enable it by going to Media Cloud -> Debug Settings and toggle on Debug Content Filtering. Visit a page that you are having issues with and a log file will be generated in your WP-CONTENT/mcloud-reports directory. DO NOT LEAVE THIS RUNNING. Turn it on, load your page, turn it off. Note that this CSV file only logs URL replacements that happen in the content of a post, it will not log URL replacements that happen elsewhere in your page that are the result of calling functions like wp_get_image_src() in your templates.
  • Fixed URL replacements for video and audio shortcodes (videos inserted with classic editor or via the [video] shortcode).