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Release Notes


  • New feature allows you to upload a new image file to replace an existing one. (Premium Only)
  • Added buttons to various media screens to regenerate thumbnails for the media being viewed. (Premium only)
  • Added a metadata panel to the attachment edit page that allows you to view and edit the cloud storage metadata for images, as well as attempt to automatically fix any issues.
  • Additionally, the metadata panel will "audit" the attachment and show you any potential issues (missing local file, etc).
  • Added a Fix Metadata task that will attempt to fix any cloud storage metadata issues with items in your media library.
  • Added media-cloud/storage/prefix filter for adding your own custom tokens to the upload path. See an example here:
  • Added a regex filter to debug logging to skip logging any unwanted messages.
  • Fixed placement of Storage Info popup in the Media Library grid mode.
  • Fixed a visual feedback bug where Direct Uploads appeared to not have finished uploading even though they had.