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Release Notes


  • Complete overhaul of BuddyPress and BuddyBoss integration. (Premium)
  • Added a new Migrate BuddyPress Uploads task which will migrate existing avatar and cover images to cloud storage. Previously, Media Cloud would migrate these as they were requested on the front end. (Premium)
  • Added a new WP-ClI command, wp mediacloud:buddypress migrate that wraps the Migrate BuddyPress Uploads task. (Premium)
  • Renamed Computer Vision WP-CLI command from wp vision to wp mediacloud:vision.
  • Renamed the task manager WP-CLI command from wp taskmanager to wp mediacloud:tasks.
  • Fixed bug for when you have privacy for uploads set to private, but don't have signing enabled, the error message wasn't dismissible.
  • Added new setting Enable Real Time Processing to BuddyPress integration that controls the real-time uploading of avatar and cover images. When disabled, you must run the Migrate BuddyPress Uploads task manually to upload these things to cloud storage. (Premium)
  • Fixed compatibility with rtMedia for BuddyPress. (Premium)
  • Fixed the mediacloud:storage replace command to search all wordpress tables, including custom ones. (Premium)
  • Note: if you are using rtMedia with BuddyPress, you will need to run the CLI command mediacloud:storage replace after running the Migrate to Cloud task. You will only need to do this once. (Premium)